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by Terry Pratchett

Science Quotes in Nation

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #7

"I can't deny what I see, but I can question what it is." (10.91)

Ataba sees the statue of the gods as a sign—of something. Mau sees it as a mystery to be solved, wondering how it got there and who made it. This is another big rift between science and religion, the way Nation sees it: religion generally doesn't stand for all that questioning.

Quote #8

"Some of [the Royal Society members] don't get on with priests at all. But they search for answers." (12.64)

The Royal Society is a group of scientific thinkers, like Sir Isaac Newton. Perhaps the two groups—scientists and priests—don't get along because they come to different conclusions about the exact same questions—and yet they're equally passionate about what they believe in.

Quote #9

"It's science. [...] 'Could have' isn't good enough. [...] A lot of people will try to prove you wrong. The more they fail, the more right you will become." (15.142)

Daphne's father tells her that absolute proof is crucial when it comes to science. This is a big difference from religion as Nation sees it, where "because" is often a valid answer—and proof undermines the whole principle of faith.

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