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by Terry Pratchett

Science Quotes in Nation Page 1

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Quote #1

Scientists were nothing but people who asked silly questions. (4.23)

Or so says Daphne's grandmother. We're not sure what she has against critical thinking, since if scientists didn't ask these "silly questions" we'd still think the sun revolved around us.

Quote #2

Mau looked into himself and found questions, and the only answers seemed to be "because," and because was no answer at all. (6.235)

Pilu looks into himself and finds a happy little soul. Poor Mau only finds questions—he's a scientist without realizing it. Scientists aren't willing to take "because" as an answer; they try to find the reasons for the unexplainable.

Quote #3

I haven't hit [Pilu] or even raised my hand. I've just tried to make him think differently, and now he's scared. Of thinking. (6.255)

Mau tries to show Pilu another side of the gods—an angry, vengeful side, one that's contrary to Pilu's beliefs. But the scariest part? Learning something new. Most people have a hard time learning information that contradicts what they've always believed.

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