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by Terry Pratchett

Women & Femininity Quotes in Nation

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #7

Sewing, provided you weren't doing it to make something useful, was one of the few things a girl "who was going to be a lady one day" was allowed to do, at least according to [Daphne's] grandmother. (4.27)

People are still taught "impractical" skills today, but as we said above, it all depends on the context. Martha Stewart makes millions of dollars with decoupage, but she might not be able to build a hut out of palm fronds. (Okay. She probably would be able to.)

Quote #8

[Girls] magically knew things, like how to hold babies the right way up and how to go 'Ooozeewididwidwden?' without the baby screaming until its little face went blue. (5.122)

You might think this is just a funny thought of Mau's, but here's the real funny thing: Daphne does magically know things. The Woman's Place speaks to her. Perhaps it's just instinct, but it could be magic too. Lady magic.

Quote #9

It seemed to Daphne that the men thought all women spoke the same language. (6.57)

Here's another funny thing: women kind of do speak the same language, at least in this book. They all talk about babies and getting married, and healing people, and apparently you don't need to speak the same language to birth a baby.

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