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Native American History Images

Alexander McGillivray

A Jonn Trumbull sketch of the Creek chief.

Henry Knox

Secretary of War Henry Knox

Major Ridge

The Cherokee nationalist "executed" for signing the treaty of New Echota

The Carlisle Industrial Indian School

Students at the Carlisle school, ca. 1890

"Kill the Indian, save the man"

Tom Torlino before and after his "education" at the Carlisle Industrial Indian School

Last in His Class

George Armstrong Custer as a West Point Cadet. He graduated last in his class in 1861

Sitting Bull

The Lakota hero of the Little Big Horn


The Paiute mystic responsible for the revival of the Ghost Dance during the 1890s

The Ghost Dance

This Frederic Remington illustration appeared in Harper's Weekly three weeks before Wounded Knee

Wounded Knee

The corpse strewn battlefield at Wounded Knee. This photographer identified this as the body of the "medicine man." According to many accounts, white soldiers panicked when the medicine man Yellow Bird began the Ghost Dance.

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