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Native Son

Native Son


by Richard Wright

Mary Dalton Timeline and Summary

  • Mary’s exploits on the beaches of Florida are revealed in a sensational documentary about the lives of the rich in Chicago.
  • After Bigger is hired by Mr. Dalton, Mary asks Bigger if he belongs to a union. When he says no, she tells him he should. All of this is done in front of her father and it makes Bigger nervous.
  • Mary directs Bigger not to drive her to the university, but to take her to meet Jan instead.
  • Mary, Jan, and Bigger drive to the South Side to eat. When Bigger doesn’t want to go into the restaurant with them, Mary cries until he agrees to do it.
  • Mary gets drunk and makes out with Jan in the backseat of the car.
  • At home, Mary is so drunk that she can’t stand up straight, so Bigger helps her up the stairs to her bedroom.
  • Mary’s moaning and small noises make Bigger nervous that his presence will be discovered when Mrs. Dalton comes into the bedroom to check on her daughter.
  • Mary fights for air when Bigger puts the pillow over her face to keep her quiet. Then her body gives up and she sighs as she dies.