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Nectar in a Sieve

Nectar in a Sieve


by Kamala Markandaya

Nectar in a Sieve: Now That’s Some Good Pulp-Free Orange Juice Quiz

Think you’ve got your head wrapped around Nectar in a Sieve? Put your knowledge to the test. Good luck — the Stickman is counting on you!
Q. Why was Ruku married to a poor farmer?

Because her parents wanted her to learn about the difficulties of life without wealth
Because her parents could not afford a dowry
Because her parents were in dire need of radishes
Q. What is distressing to Ruku about the fact that she has one child - a daughter named Ira?

She never wanted any children
She doesn’t love her daughter
She wishes she had sons
Her daughter is named Ira. I know I’d be ticked.
She wishes she had at least a dozen children
Q. Why does Ruku suddenly have many more children in the next few years?

She is cursed by a witch
She undergoes fertility treatment
She prays to Shiva
It’s a numbers game. In other words... way to go, Nathan!
Q. What happens in a tannery?

Animal skins are cured
UV radiation slowly destroys the user’s skin, while at the same time giving it a nice bronze, glossy finish
Leather items are manufactured
Gold is poured
Q. What is the traditional age of marriage?

Eighteen for the first marriage, twenty-six for the second marriage, and then forty-three for the mid-life crisis marriage