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Nectar in a Sieve

Nectar in a Sieve


by Kamala Markandaya

 Table of Contents

Nectar in a Sieve Quotes

Find the perfect quote to float your boat. Shmoop breaks down key quotations from Nectar in a Sieve.

Life, Consciousness, and Existence Quotes

While the sun shines on you and the fields are green and beautiful to the eye, and your husband sees beauty in you which no one has seen before, and you have a good store of grain laid away for har...

Suffering Quotes

"At least it stood until the worst was over," said Kali to me, "and by God’s grace we were all spared." She looked worn out; in the many years I had known her I had never seen her so deflated...

Transformation Quotes

How quickly children grow! They are infants—you look away a minute and in that time they have left their babyhood behind. Our little girl ran about in the sun bare and beautiful as she grew,...

Man and the Natural World Quotes

Nature is like a wild animal that you have trained to work for you. So long as you are vigilant and walk warily with thought and care, so long will it give you its aid; but look away for an instant...

Poverty Quotes

To the children I handed out two annas apiece, to be spent on fireworks. I had never been able to do so before -- in previous years we had contented ourselves with watching other people's fireworks...

The Home Quotes

A few days after our conversation the shop finally closed down. Nobody asked: "Where do you go from here?" They did not say, "What is to become of us?" We waited and one day they came to bid us far...

Love Quotes

My spirit ached with pity for her, I longed to be able to comfort her, to convince her that in a few months’ time her new home would be the most significant part of her life, the rest only a...

Foreignness and 'The Other' Quotes

"Why do you not demand—cry out for help—do something? There is nothing in this country, oh God there is nothing!" (7.44)

Women and Femininity Quotes

Nathan at first paid scant attention to her: he had wanted a son to continue his line and walk beside him on the land, not a puling infant who would take with her a dowry and leave nothing but a me...

Power Quotes

The following week I sold almost my whole basket to him, keeping only a little for Old Granny. I did not like selling to him, although he paid me a better price. It was business and nothing else wi...

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