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Nefertem Photos

Ramses III visit
Ramses III came to visit Memphis and said hi to the family. This is me with Mom and Dad at the royal gathering. Love my outfit! [Papyrus showing Ramses III greeting the gods of Memphis: Nefertem, Sekhmet, and Ptah. Dynasty 19 (ca. 1186-1155BCE)]

Chillin' in Memphis
Me, Dad, and Mom in Memphis. Unfortunately, this statue fell over at some point, and my parents' faces are wrecked. But I still look pretty good, with my sun-disk hat and wig on. [Statue of the Memphis Triad (Ptah, Sekhmet, and Nefertem), Dynasty 19 (ca. 1279-1213BCE)]

Notice the resemblance?
King Tut had an image of himself as me put in his tomb. See him rising up out of that flower? That's just like I did on the first sunrise. How cool is that? [Image of Tutankhamen as Nefertem (Dynasty 18, ca. 1323BCE)]

Birthday Morning
Here's a drawing of me being born, on the first day, out of the very first lotus flower. Some archaeologist mistook me for Horus the Younger, though. Not surprised. Sometimes, people think that there aren't any other child gods in Egypt! [Drawing of Nefertem-Ra labeled "Harsomtus" (Ptolemaic Period, ca. 300BCE)]

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