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Neith Photos

My Own Jewelry Line
Pendants with my image on them were all the rage in the Saite Period. Why? Because Sais is my city, of course. [Currently headless stone statue of a Late Period priest or government official wearing a Neith pendant, Saite Period (ca. 664-525BCE)]

Portable Temple? Yes, Please.
This priest is holding a box that's designed like a mini version of my Sais temple. It's like a divine dollhouse! Somewhere for him to keep his tiny statues of me. [Currently headless stone statue of a Late Period priest or government official holding a miniature Neith temple (ca. 664-525BCE)]

More Neith Bling
At least this priest's statue still has its head. And look at this necklace! It's not just me, but Iahmes-sa-Neith offering to me. Pretty cool for a guy whose parents liked me so much they named their son for me, huh? [Stone statue of Iahmes-sa-Neith, wearing a necklace showing him offering to Neith. Saite Period (ca. 664-525BCE)]

Paradise Lost
The famous Egyptologist Champollion drew a map of what my great temple of Sais used to look like, according to the histories Herodotus wrote down thousands of years before. I still miss the place. It was a great house. ["Restoration of the Ruins of Sais according to Herodotus" 1828 drawing by Jean-François Champollion]

Hanging out with Isis
We're not waving at that giant beetle. Isis and I are offering it our magic, because it's a special amulet to protect a mummy's heart. And this is not just any mummy. This mummy is Paser, the royal assistant to pharaohs Seti I and Ramses II! [Gold and amazonite amulet inscribed for the vizier Paser (ca. 1250BCE)]

Rockin' the Red Crown
No, that's not me! It's pharaoh Narmer, wearing my Red Crown (the tall guy in the hat with the squiggle on top) during his victory parade. It looks great on him. [Narmer Palette facsimile (ca. 3100BCE)]

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