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Neith's Wall



Hey, did you get my email?

Yes. What about it?


Well, were you planning on answering?

About whether or not Horus the Younger should be made king?


Did I send you any other emails lately?

Don't get smart with me.

You heard the lady.

Stay out of this, brother.

Both of you, shut up. Ra, you really don't need to ask me again, do you? Or are you just looking for somebody else to blame when Seth gets mad?

likes this.

likes this.


Come now, my dear. Would I do that?

Oh? Am I going to get mad? Huh?

Just give Horus the crown and leave me out of this.

Coronation party at my house! Rock on!

liked a page: Doctor Who Fans.

I had no idea you liked television, sister.

I don't, much. But it's a show about Time Lords.

Cool. Maybe I ought to watch it?

Just don't tell anybody that the sonic screwdrivers are real.

I love you.

What do you want?

Can't a god just say he loves a goddess without it being about wanting something?

When have you ever said anything that wasn't about wanting something?

You've got a point. So, there's this contest between Horus the Younger and me….

I'm going to block you, I swear.

likes this.

likes this.

likes this.

likes this.

What in the Duat is that?

I don't know, but that guy saying ARROWED makes me laugh every time.


Hey, Mom.

What are you doing here?


The Internet's free.

But you don't have any hands.


I have minions. Minions who type.

Great. Now the ultimate embodiment of evil is on the Internet.


Actually, he's been here way longer than me. See?

Did you just do that? Did you really?



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