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Nemesis (Invidia) Gossip

Spotted... on Mount Olympus or Asgard. xoxo Gossip Shmoop

Don't panic, but some scientists hypothesize that there's a brown dwarf star named Nemesis in orbit around our Sun. These scientists theorize that every 26-30 million years or so, Nemesis summons a storm of comets that slam into Earth and kill everything. (So there's something to look forward to.) (Source.)

If you're into the Transformers, which you clearly are, you probably know that the Decepticons, archenemies of the Autobots, have a tricked-out spaceship that they call Nemesis.

Nemesis gave her name to the same word in English: nemesis. We hope the word Shmoop has a slightly more, um, polite connotation in the days to come.

In the Marvel Comics Universe, a bunch of different super heroes and villains go by the code name Nemesis. Why? Because she knows how to take care of business.

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