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Nephthys Photos

Ma'ati at Work
Helping Osiris out at the office. There I am, standing behind his chair with Isis. I've got my red dress on. [The scribe Ani greets Osiris and his sisters in his copy of the Book of the Dead. Dynasty 19, New Kingdom (ca. 1300 BCE)]

Summer Sheer
It gets hot in the Duat, too. Thankfully, I have this nice thin dress I can wear. [Picture of the goddess Nephthys from The Gods of the Egyptians, Volume II by E. A. Wallis Budge, printed 1904]

Tears for Ramses III
Helping Isis bless the sarcophagus for our friend Ramses III. I'm horrified that his own wife and son had him murdered. It's like Osiris dying all over again. So sad I can't hold my wings up. [Nephthys on the top outer wall of a stone sarcophagus for Ramses III. Dynasty 19/New Kingdom (ca. 1183 BCE)]

Stability and Life, Under the Sun
Isis and me praying while Ra rises. Thoth's baboons joined us, too. The artist drew hieroglyphs between me and my sister that say "stability" (Osiris's djed pillar on the bottom) and "life" (the ankh, which has human arms to lift the sun). We're kneeling on the hieroglyph for "gold." (Wasn't very comfy.) [Isis and Nephthys greet the sunrise in the scribe Ani's personal copy of the Book of the Dead. Dynasty 19, New Kingdom (ca. 1300 BCE)]

Raising the Dead
Another image of me at work. This statue would have been placed at the coffin's head, so I could say my spells and bring his soul to life again. Now I'm just standing in a museum with no mummies close enough. Can anybody convince them to move me a little to the left? [Wooden statue of Nephthys the mourner, Third Intermediate Period/22nd Dynasty (ca. 943 - 716BCE)]

Osiris's Funeral
Saddest day ever. I was SO MAD at Seth, I could barely sing. But once I learned why Seth did it, I forgave him. At least now the dead people have a king, and I can help Osiris be a good king there. Isis is still pretty ticked off, though. [Nephthys and Isis mourning for Osiris (shrouded on the funeral bed between them), in the temple of Dendera. Reign of Cleopatra VIII (ca. 40 BCE)]

Bye Bye Osiris
After we finished mummifying Osiris, we put him inside his tomb, next to the sycamore trees he really loved. I know Isis is really going to miss him. She can come visit him in the Duat, though, so it should be okay. ["The Tomb of Osiris, guarded by his sisters in the shade of a sacred tree." Engraving after an unknown ancient Egyptian original, reproduced from The Egyptian Heaven and Hell by E. A. Wallis Budge, 1905]

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