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Nephthys's Wall


posted an event: Cupcake Party

Oh, I love cupcakes! I wish I could come.

You can't? Why not?

Sorry, work.

Bummer. Don't you ever get a day off?

I bet humans wish I did.

likes this.

Hey baby.

What do you want now?

Do I have to want something? I am your husband.

I thought you had those two other wives now. Remember? The ones who like to go chariot racing and hunting with you? The redheads from Canaan?

Well, sure, I have them, and they're fun. You used to go chariot racing.

That was before I got a job. Grow up, Seth.

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You stay out of this, Greenie. I know she stays late at work to hang out with you. I'm not stupid.

You're the last god to be objecting to such arrangements, aren't you, brother?

He is. But I can object plenty.

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Oh! Hey honey. I didn't know you and Nephthys were still friends on here. Um.

Don't bury yourself any deeper.

uploaded a picture for Nephthys.

Oh, it's beautiful. Thank you!

You're welcome. Thought you'd like the color. I can bring a few back and plant them in your garden if you like, Mother.

Next to the night-blooming jasmine and the lilacs?

It's good of you to get flowers for your mother, son. Find any for me?

I got some pure white ones for you, Mom.

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You really are the best kid.


Excuse me, Lady Nephthys, but could I ask you a question?



Some of our translations suggest that you are the same goddess as Seshat, since you're both called Mistress of the House of Books. Is this true?


We're not the same.

[at the exact same timestamp] We're not the same.


Except in some myths, we are.

[at the exact same timestamp] Except in some myths, we are.


Okay… that is weird and confusing.

Tell me about it.

[at the exact same timestamp] Tell me about it.


Think this is bad? They're both aspects of me, sometimes.


likes this.

likes this.


I quit.

How many souls will you be bringing to the Halls today, sister?

Hm, let me check the list… it's over nine thousand.

Over nine thousand?

What? Nine thousand? There's no way that can be right.

You did not both just say that.

Say what?

Nevermind. Been watching anime today?

Oh yeah. Dad's got some DBZ going.

Thought so. See you later.

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