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by William Gibson

Freedom and Confinement Quotes in Neuromancer

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #1

But [Case] also saw a certain sense in the notion that burgeoning technologies require outlaw zones, that Night City wasn't there for its inhabitants, but as a deliberately unsupervised playground for technology itself. (1.71)

The citizens of Night City think they are breaking all the rules, but the system wants them to so the system can profit later. Remember Napster? It broke the rules by letting people download songs for free and was deemed illegal for its efforts. Then Apple took that idea, renamed it the iTunes store, charged for the songs, and raked in billions of legal dollars. Night City is the Napster of the future.

Quote #2

"You have fifteen toxin sacs bonded to the lining of various main arteries, Case. They're dissolving. Very slowly, but they definitely are dissolving.


You have time to do what I'm hiring you for, Case, but that's all. Do the job and I can inject you with an enzyme that will dissolve the bond without opening the sacs." (3.26, 28)

Case is free to go wander cyberspace again, but his boss tells him where and when. He's traded in one confinement for another one. It's like when you have a bunch of free time but no money to do anything. So you get a job and now you have money but no free time.

Quote #3

Travel was a meat thing. (5.55)

Case finds his body confining, and cyberspace is the release. We'll see if Case changes his mind on this later in the novel.

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