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by William Gibson

Isolation Quotes in Neuromancer

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #1

Case fell into the prison of his own flesh. (1.29)

For Case, his own body feels like a prison. After being injected with the mycotoxin, he can't enter cyberspace, which is the only place he feels free as a bird. And this bird you cannot change (or can you…?).

Quote #2

Case watched Corto work corporate defectors in Lisbon and Marrakesh, where he seemed to grow obsessed with the idea of betrayal, to loathe the scientists and technicians he bought out for his employers. (6.24)

After Corto is betrayed, he becomes suicidal and isolates himself within the criminal underworld. In a way, Corto's past and Case's present are very similar, with Wintermute pulling the strings on each like a deranged puppeteer.

Quote #3

"It figures. You know, [Armitage] doesn't have any life going, in private. Not as far as I can tell. You see a guy like that, you figure there's something he does when he's alone. But not Armitage. Sits and stares at the wall, man. Then something clicks and he goes into high gear and wheels for Wintermute." (7.90)

Through Armitage, Corto's isolation becomes complete. Not only has Armitage completely submerged Corto's persona, but even Armitage himself has chosen isolation from all levels of social interaction, even criminal ones. On the other hand, maybe Armitage didn't choose this level of isolation. Maybe Wintermute's control is that great.

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