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by William Gibson

Manipulation Quotes in Neuromancer

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #1

"I think you screwed up, Case. I showed up and you just fit me right into your reality picture." (1.213)

Case misunderstands Molly and her purpose in the first chapter. In a way, Case's mind manipulates the world around him to fit in with his experience and understand of the world. But hey, we're all guilty of that now and again.

Quote #2

The Panther Moderns allowed four minutes for their first move to take effect, then injected a second carefully prepared does of misinformation. (4.62)

We often think of terrorists as people who use guns and bombs to reach their goals. The Panther Moderns demonstrate that a manipulation of information can be far subtler and just as deadly.

Quote #3

"I was hoping to speak through [Linda], but I'm generating all this out of your memories, and the emotional charge…Well, it's very tricky. I slipped. Sorry." (9.104)

We're used to Case's emotions manipulating the world around him, but now, we see his emotions saving him from being manipulated. Interesting…

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