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by William Gibson

Memory and the Past Quotes in Neuromancer

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #1

And now [Case] remembered [Linda] that way, her face bathed in restless laser light, features, reduced to a code. (1.41)

Technology and memory are connected throughout the novel. Here, Case describes his first meeting with Linda Lee and envisions her in terms of computer code. When you consider how nerdy Case can be, it's actually kind of sweet of him.

Quote #2

[Case] sat beside Molly in filtered sunlight on the rim of a dry concrete fountain, letting the endless stream of face recapitulate the states of his life. (3.32)

The connection between Case's memory and place accounts for his great sense of comfort. Can you think of any places in your life like this? Favorite restaurant? Vacation spot? The driver's seat?

Quote #3

The Moderns, he'd decided, were a contemporary version of the Big Scientists of his own late teens. There was a kind of ghostly teenage DNA at work in the Sprawl, something that carried the coded precepts of various short-lived subcults and replicated them at odd intervals. (4.39)

Case uses his memory of something he knows to figure out something he doesn't understand. It's a mnemonic device like "please excuse my dear aunt Sally," only we make personal ones everyday, just like Case is doing here.

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