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by William Gibson

Neuromancer Questions

  1. Molly certainly kicks a copious amount of butt throughout the novel. But is she a strong female character beyond the fact that she can throw a punch with the greatest of ease? Why or why not?
  2. Neuromancer is set in a high tech, stylized future, but its tone comes from the lower, gritty, criminal rungs of society. What effect does this contrast have on your understanding of the novel?
  3. "Power, in Case's world, meant corporate power" (17.14). What does this bit of information imply about Case's world, and Case, himself, for that matter?
  4. Does it tell us anything important about any other particular character or the setting in the novel?
  5. Did Wintermute help Corto by creating Armitage in his place? Did he hurt him? Or was it something in between? How can you tell?
  6. Molly tells us how she got her modifications, but she never explains why. Given what she's told us about her past and her personality, why do you think she did
  7. Do you think it was a good call?
  8. Why do you suppose the Dixie Flatline wants to be deleted after the job is over? 
  9. Does Neuromancer have an antagonist? Is so, who or what and why? If not, why not?\
  10. Casting Call. Neuromancer is being developed as a movie. What actors do you want to see in what roles?

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