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by William Gibson

Neuromancer Quotes

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Technology and Modernization Quotes

The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel. (1.1)

Transformation Quotes

He'd operated on an almost permanent adrenaline high, a byproduct of youth and proficiency, jacking into a custom cyberspace deck that projected his disembodied consciousness into the consensual ha...

Manipulation Quotes

"I think you screwed up, Case. I showed up and you just fit me right into your reality picture." (1.213)

Freedom and Confinement Quotes

But [Case] also saw a certain sense in the notion that burgeoning technologies require outlaw zones, that Night City wasn't there for its inhabitants, but as a deliberately unsupervised playground...

Identity Quotes

The Sprawl was a long strange way home over the Pacific now, and he was no console man, no cyberspace cowboy. Just another hustler, trying to make it through. (1.17)

Memory and the Past Quotes

And now [Case] remembered [Linda] that way, her face bathed in restless laser light, features, reduced to a code. (1.41)

Isolation Quotes

Case fell into the prison of his own flesh. (1.29)

Drugs and Alcohol Quotes

[Case had] watched [Linda's] personality fragment, calving like an iceberg, splinters drifting away, and finally he'd seen the raw need, the hungry armature of addiction. He'd watched her track the...

Violence Quotes

Biz here was a constant subliminal hum, and death the accepted punishment for laziness, carelessness, lack of grace, the failure to heed the demands of an intricate protocol. (1.38)

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