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by William Gibson

Neuromancer Resources


William Gibson's Official Website

The official website of the official author of the official Neuromancer.

Not Much of a Blogger

Check out the blog of one William Gibson. It seems it hasn't been updated in a while, but some good information is archived here all the same.

Movie or TV Productions

It's Not Neuromancer, But…

Keanu Reeves stars in the film adaptation of "Johnny Mnemonic," a William Gibson short story set in the same world as Neuromancer. In it, Reeves must battle Yakuza and Dolph Lundgren with the help of Ice-T and a dolphin. Yes, this movie actually happened.

Articles and Interviews

McCaffery Presents: Behind the Novel

Larry McCaffery interviews William Gibson back in August 1986. There's some great stuff in here, mainly because Gibson tells it like it is, and McCaffery knows how to interview with the best of them.

Number 47

That's the place Neuromancer got in TIME's Top 100 Novels since 1923. Not too shabby considering how many novels have been written since 1923.

Quiz Time

Want to know what Neuromancer predictions actually happened and what just won't pan out for us? Check out this link.


Concept art from a canceled Neuromancer film project. We think this is Wintermute…maybe.


William Gibson: Uncensored.

William Gibson discusses starting out in science fiction and also what it means to write in, and be limited by, the SF genre. Nothing too adult, despite the title.

Inventing Cyberspace

On The Agenda, Gibson discusses how he came up with the idea of cyberspace and how it compares to today's Internet.

A Jewel in the Floppy Disk

Neuromancer was adapted into a video game by Interplay back in 1988. It was a point-and-click adventure game and was available on the Amiga, Apple II, and Commodore 64. It even came on floppy disks that actually flopped. Check it out.

Only in the 90s

Check out this trailer for Johnny Mnemonic in all its 1995 glory.


From the Author's Own Mouth

William Gibson himself reads Neuromancer in this out-of-publication audio book, thankfully preserved in cyberspace.


The Mirrored Eyes

Molly Millions in all her glory on the Brazilian book cover.

A Novel in a Glace

Here's the entire novel of Neuromancer put through a treemap tool and given a visual output. Very cool. Gibson would approve.

Gibson Gazes…

... with glorious glasses.

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