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by William Gibson

Technology and Modernization Quotes in Neuromancer

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Quote #4

"You can go for a walk, you wanna. It's all there. Or anyway all the parts of it you ever saw. This is memory, right? I tap you, sort it out, and feed it back in." (14.72)

Cyberspace may be a representation of pure data. And memory is also data of sorts. So what if you could just record memory into a digital form? Would humanity use it to better itself or would we all just constantly relive our summer vacations? Check out the "Memory and the Past" theme section for more.

Quote #5

Case listened to the silence of the hall, punctuated by the soft clink of the candelabrum. Candles? Straylight was all wrong… A place grown in upon itself. (15.21)

In a world replete with technological wonder, a technology as simple as a candle becomes weird and abnormal. Yes, technically a candle is a type of technology as well. After all, it's a harnessing of a natural resource for human purposes—just like a silicon chip.

Quote #6

But weren't the zaibatsus more like that, or the Yakuza, hives with cybernetic memories, vast single organisms, their DNA coded in silicon? (17.16)

Computers and modern databases grant organizations like the Yakuza the human traits of memories and DNA. Does this mean they can also propagate and reproduce? Would they effectively be immortal? Maybe. If information is power, people are secondary.

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