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Never Let Me Go

Never Let Me Go


by Kazuo Ishiguro

 Table of Contents

Never Let Me Go Characters

Meet the Cast

Kathy H.

In Never Let Me Go, Kathy H. is the big cheese. She's the head honcho. The big kahuna. The VIP. You catch our drift: Kathy is seriously important. Of course, when a book starts out with a line like...


Ruth is Kathy's best friend and her arch nemesis. It really depends on the day. Sometimes Ruth is so nice that we want to reach through the page and give her a hug. But most of the time, we kind of...

Tommy D.

Oh Tommy, you troubled boy. Where do we begin? For starters, Tommy is the lone guy in our trio of protagonists. Right from the get-go, we know this dude is unique. Sometimes being unique means he's...

Madame Marie-Claude

Madame is a pro-clone advocate who lives outside Hailsham. Alongside Miss Emily, she fights for the rights of clones to be treated humanely before giving their donations. But while Kathy and her fr...

Miss Emily

Miss Emily is Hailsham's stern head guardian. Picture your traditional strict schoolmarm: grey hair, terse sentences, intimidating as all get-out, seems to shoot laser beams out of her eyes, the wh...

Miss Geraldine

If you're looking for the nicest guardian at Hailsham, look no further than sweet Miss Geraldine. In fact, Miss Geraldine is so nice that she croons over Tommy, even when he's drawn a childish pict...

Miss Lucy

At Hailsham, Miss Lucy is the newbie and the rebel. She's recently been hired as a Hailsham guardian when Kathy and her friends are students. Let's put it this way: she definitely brings some excit...

Chrissie and Rodney

Chrissie and Rodney are the cool couple at the Cottages, the lovebirds that everyone looks up to. They've already been living at the Cottages for a while when Kathy, Ruth, and Tommy get there, so t...

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