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Never Let Me Go

Never Let Me Go


by Kazuo Ishiguro

Never Let Me Go Resources


Meet Kazuo Ishiguro

Check out the life and times of Ishiguro. Fair warning: this guy is so awesome it's a little intimidating.

Friend Kazuo Ishiguro

Indulge your inner stalker and follow Ishiguro on Facebook to get his updates in your newsfeed.

Movie or TV Productions

Never Let Me Go (2010)

This flick is directed by Mark Romanek and fairly faithful to the book. But there are some key distinctions. Give it a watch and see if you can spot 'em.

Articles and Interviews

Q&A with Ishiguro in The Paris Review

Read Susannah Hunnewell's interview with Ishiguro in The Paris Review. She got to chat with Ishiguro in his home and he even made her tea. Jealous? We are.

The Real Ishiguro and Fake Judy Bridgewater

Take a look at Peter Howell's quest to find the "real" Judy Bridgewater along with some email chats he had with Ishiguro about the fictional singer and her song.

Washington Post Book Review

Check out Jonathan Yardley's Washington Post review of Never Let Me Go. He tries not to spill the beans on the plot for readers who have yet to finish the book, but it's a difficult dance to pull off.

A Peek at the Book versus the Movie

Spoilers can really, well, spoil the reading experience. NPR takes a look at how spoilers work in the book and movie versions of Never Let Me Go.

New York Times Movie Review

Get into the little details with Manohla Dargis and her New York Times movie review.

NPR Movie Review

Check out Mark Jenkins's movie review from NPR and see if you agree with him about the movie's ending.

A Critical Movie Review

David Cox isn't totally sold on this flick. He gives us a critical breakdown of Romanek's Never Let Me Go in The Guardian.


Everything You Could Ever Want in an Ishiguro Interview

Check out this interview where Ishiguro chats about Never Let Me Go and what the novel is really about.

Ishiguro Talks about Time in Never Let Me Go

Life is short. In case you need a reminder, watch Ishiguro discuss how we deal with our limited life spans in Never Let Me Go and in real life.

Ishiguro Chats about Friendship and Mortality

See Ishiguro dish on love, friendship, mortality, and passivity in your new favorite novel.

Never Let Me Go Trailer

Watch the official trailer. But finish the book first because there are spoilers.

Chatting About the Movie

Go behind the scenes with Ishiguro, director Mark Romanek, and screenwriter Alex Garland as they discuss Never Let Me Go alongside the film's three stars.


Ishiguro Reading on NPR

No need to guess what Kathy's story sounds like. Let Ishiguro show you how it's done when he reads the very beginning of Never Let Me Go and talks about the novel.

Audio Book

Perk up your ears and listen to a clip of the Never Let Me Go audio book.

Audio Clips from the Movie

Take a quick peek at the movie with brief sound bites from the film.


Hardback Cover

Here's the cover of the 2005 hardback edition.

Paperback Cover

This paperback cover features a serious close-up. Check it out.

Songs After Dark Album Cover

Check out the Judy Bridgewater album cover created for the movie and see if it's the same as you imagined.

Peeping Toms (or Ruths and Kathys)

Here's an iconic image from the movie.

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