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Never Let Me Go

Never Let Me Go


by Kazuo Ishiguro

Ruth Timeline & Summary

This timeline is in chronological order—not the order in which events occur in the book. Think of it as a mini Ruth biography.

  • A seven-year-old Ruth invites Kathy to play with her imaginary horses, and then to be part of Miss Geraldine's secret guard. 
  • About a year later, Ruth comes up with a theory to test if Madame is scared of Hailsham students. 
  • Ruth and Kathy get in lots of fights. One of their biggest tiffs is about a pencil case that Ruth claims to have received from Miss Geraldine. They also rekindle their friendship when Ruth gives Kathy a cassette tape to replace the one's she's lost. 
  • In her teen years, Ruth starts dating Tommy. They break up briefly, but then get back together. 
  • At the Cottages, Ruth gets in a variety of fights with Kathy, including one where she throws Kathy's sex life in her face. 
  • When Chrissie and Rodney think they've spotted Ruth's possible, she joins in on a road trip to Norfolk. 
  • Back at the Cottages, Ruth drives a wedge in her trio with Kathy and Tommy. Her goading serves as the catalyst for Kathy's departure. 
  • After serving as a carer, Ruth becomes a donor. She has a rough first donation, but pulls through. 
  • Ruth gets a new carer in her old friend Kathy. 
  • During a road trip to see a stranded boat, Ruth tells Tommy and Kathy that she wants them to find Madame and apply for a deferral. 
  • Soon after, Ruth completes.