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New England Puritans & Pilgrims Music

Various Artists, Colonial America (2003)

Hesperus Early Music Ensemble promises "spirited sounds from across the sea to the shores of the new land" and delivers just that. This collection of classic compositions reflects the diverse mix of settler communities in seventeenth-century America.

Hesperus, Early American Roots (1997)

Another fantastic offering from the Hesperus Early Music Ensemble, this disc includes twenty-two performances based on eighteenth century ballads, hymns, and cotillion tunes. See of you can pick out the unique sounds of baroque violins, recorders, violas da gamba, and other period instruments.

John Barry, The Scarlet Letter: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1995)

Composer John Barry integrates Native American rhythms and period melodies to provide a dark and riveting soundtrack for this Hollywood film based on Nathaniel Hawthorne's famous novel.

George Fenton, The Crucible: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1996)

Composer George Fenton utilizes viols, sackbuts, and other obscure period instruments to carefully craft the soundtrack to this film based on Arthur Miller's play about the witch hunts in seventeenth-century Salem, Massachusetts.

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