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New Moon

New Moon

by Stephenie Meyer

New Moon Characters

Meet the Cast

Isabella "Bella" Swan

If Twilight was about finding true love, New Moon explores the question of "What if true love then left you?" This is the reality Bella has to face when Edward breaks up with her in the very beginn...

Edward Cullen

"What’s wrong with Edward?" fans screamed all over the world when, in Chapter 3, Edward breaks up with Bella. Cynics of love would probably grin and say, "I told you so. True love doesn’...

Jacob Black

Jacob: From Device to Best Friend to… Love Interest?Jacob has a small but very significant part in Twilight (see Jacob’s "Character Analysis" in Twilight). He basically serves as a tool...

Charlie Swan

In many ways, Charlie is an easy dad. He’s quiet, unobtrusive, and gives Bella all the freedom she can handle. Since they’re both not big talkers, their relationship still feels somewha...

The Cullens

The Cullens are Edward’s vampire family. Family members have all been "adopted" by Carlisle Cullen, the head of the family, and include his wife Esme, Edward, and the couples Alice and Jasper...

The Quileute Werewolves

Sam UleyLeader of the pack, Sam is the alpha male. What he says goes. Sam was the first of the Quileute boys to transform into a werewolf once the Cullens moved back to Forks. Because of his new li...

Billy Black

Billy Black is a direct descendant of Ephraim Black, the last chief of the Quileute Indians. He’s best friends with Charlie Swan, Bella’s father. When an illness leaves Billy confined t...

Victoria and Laurent

Victoria and Laurent were members of James the tracker's coven. During Twilight, James tried to hunt and kill Bella, but the Cullens destroyed him while protecting Bella. You can learn more about J...

The Forks High Friends

MikeAfter the summer break, Mike returns with a new haircut that looks very similar to Edward’s. In fact, after Bella snaps out of her zombie state, Mike tries to ask her out. Bella tells Mik...
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