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New Moon

New Moon


by Stephenie Meyer

Choices Quotes in New Moon

How we cite our quotes: (chapter.paragraph)

Quote #7

I felt a brief twinge of guilt as I realized how Charlie would feel about this, but I ignored it. (10.66)

Doesn’t it feel a bit strange for Bella to so easily dismiss Charlie’s warnings about missing hikers and giant animal prints?

Quote #8

Now, what should I choose? (12.228)

Bella doesn’t know if her love for Jacob should override her concerns that he and his werewolf pack might be murderers.

Quote #9

[Bella to Jacob:] "Could you… well, try to not be a… werewolf?" I suggested in a whisper. (13.58)

Bella seems to fear that Jacob being a werewolf will change their relationship. Bella wishes that she could have had a normal relationship for once. Part of what she liked about Jake was how innocent, uncomplicated, and human he was. But being a werewolf isn't a choice for Jacob, just like being a vampire isn't a choice for Edward.

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