New Moon
New Moon
by Stephenie Meyer

Family Quotes in New Moon Page 3

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Quote #7

[Jacob to Bella:] "It’s my blood on both sides. I never had a chance." (15.40)

Jacob had no choice in joining the werewolf family. He was primed to become one. In our lives, are we sometimes bound to a certain calling by our heritage?

Quote #8

[Bella:] …it had been more than just losing the truest of true lovers…It was also losing a whole future, a whole family – the whole life I’d chosen… (17.191)

Losing Edward, Bella also lost a whole life she’d planned for herself. But can you actually plan your life?

Quote #9

[Alice to Bella:] "Carlisle’s family is the biggest in existence… with the one exception. The Volturi. I suspect it’s their age… that gives them the ability to live peacefully together… Or maybe… their gifts… give them extra tolerance… Or maybe it’s just their love for power." (19.78)

The Volturi family is bound together by power. The Cullens seem to be connected through love. What other qualities bind them as a family?

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