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New Moon

New Moon


by Stephenie Meyer

Strength and Skill Quotes in New Moon

How we cite our quotes: (chapter.paragraph)

Quote #4

[Bella:] "How did you kill him?"…[Jacob:] "It’s what we were made for, Bella." (13.121)

A pack of werewolves can match one vampire. But can one werewolf match one vampire?

Quote #5

[Jacob to Bella:] "See when we’re wolves, we can… hear each other." (13.197)

Werewolves have "mental gifts" similar to the ones some vampires possess in the story. Do these gifts also have a downside?

Quote #6

[Jacob to Bella:] "[Sam’s] the leader of the pack, you know. He’s the Alpha. When he tells us to do something… we can’t just ignore him." (13.218)

The natural workings of a wolf pack seem to apply to werewolf packs as well. Do they also apply to human gang behavior? If you were a werewolf, would you want to be leader or follower of the pack?

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