New Moon
New Moon
by Stephenie Meyer

The Supernatural Quotes in New Moon Page 4

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Quote #10

[Embry:] "…hanging out with werewolves has its risks." (14.83)

Even though werewolves protect humans from vampires, it’s still dangerous for people to be around them. It seems as if there’s an inherent danger involved in humans "hanging out" with supernatural creatures.

Quote #11

[Emily] stared at me… "So, you’re the vampire girl?" I stiffened. "Yes. Are you the wolf girl?"… The left of her face warmed. (14.107-108)

Bella and Emily make a personal connection here that lies in their choice and experience of living as a human among dangerous, supernatural creatures.

Quote #12

Emily was mixing a humongous batch of eggs… (14.118)

Werewolves have a bigger appetite than humans. Does the fact that they’re eating "real food," though, make them more human than vampires who dislike and can’t even digest normal food at all?

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