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New Moon

New Moon


by Stephenie Meyer

The Supernatural Quotes in New Moon

How we cite our quotes: (chapter.paragraph)

Quote #1

[Bella to Edward:] "If I develop this film," I said… "will you show up in the picture?" (1.210)

As a member of humankind, Bella has grown up with traditional cultural beliefs about vampires that are often disproved throughout this story. It’s like she’s the "uninformed" human who has to be continually educated by her supernatural friends on how the world really works.

Quote #2

The contrast between the two of us was painful. He looked like a god. I looked very average, even for a human. (3.121)

From the beginning of their relationship, Bella has had huge hang-ups about not being up to par with Edward’s supernatural beauty. Does that make her a bit superficial, or are her feelings only natural?

Quote #3

[Edward:] "I’m no good for you, Bella. […] My world is not for you." (3.161, 163)

Edward believes that he and all he represents is wrong for Bella. By "wrong" he means dangerous, but does he also believe that it’s wrong for beings of two different "kinds" to mix in general?

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