New Moon
New Moon
by Stephenie Meyer

Transformation Quotes in New Moon Page 1

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Quote #1

[Bella:] "You know what I want." (1.195)

Bella’s wish to be changed into a vampire has become a constant point of contention between her and Edward. She puts it before anything else.

Quote #2

My eyes dark… pallid skin… I might even pass for a vampire now… But I was not beautiful and I probably looked closer to a zombie. (5.25)

A big part of becoming a vampire for Bella is to be beautiful.

Quote #3

Jacob had grown into some of his potential in the last eight months… the tendons and veins had become prominent under the red-brown skins of his arms, his hands. His face… had hardened… the planes of his cheekbones sharper… all childish roundness gone. (5.82)

Bella (unwittingly) describes one of the first symptoms of Jacob’s transformation into a werewolf: physical maturity.

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