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New Moon

New Moon


by Stephenie Meyer

Versions of Reality Quotes in New Moon

How we cite our quotes: (chapter.paragraph)

Quote #4

Last night I wandered in a wide area of ferns, interspersed with hemlock trees… I wanted to kick myself for the stupid field trip last week. (7.89)

The "real" trip she took to the Cullen house now informs Bella’s dreams.

Quote #5

This had to be it, the recipe for hallucination – adrenaline plus danger plus stupidity. (8.84)

Bella has come up with a recipe to conjure up Edward’s "presence" through his voice in her head. In that reality, he still cares about her.

Quote #6

[Edward to Bella:] "I can’t believe how quick it was – I didn’t feel a thing." (20.71)

Edward believes he has entered some kind of afterlife with Bella, which belies the attitude he’s held throughout the story – that vampires have no soul.

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