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New Slang
New Slang
by The Shins
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New Slang Movies & TV

Garden State (2004)

This is the movie with Scrubs actor Zach Braff and now-Oscar winner Natalie Portman that helped make The Shins a pretty big deal.

In Good Company (2004)

It didn't make as big of a cultural splash as Garden State, despite having a similar pairing of young-TV-actor-turning-to-film and up-and-coming-actress (Topher Grace – Eric from That 70's Show – and Scarlett Johansson), but it features just as many Shins songs, which makes it plenty worth checking out.

Gilmore Girls, Season 4, episode 17 (2004)

The show full of rapid-fire quips and ever-changing romances had The Shins on to perform their song "Know Your Onion" in a club that main character, Rory, goes to. Read about the episode to see how some of The Shins sound might match the feel of this TV drama.

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