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New Slang
New Slang
by The Shins
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New Slang Video & Audio

"New Slang"

See The Shins perform the song live at an event recorded by ABC. They add a little extra percussion and some keyboards to this version, too. Also worth seeing is the pretty amusing production trick that happens at the first two choruses.

NPR Examines The Shins

This is a radio story that took a good look at The Shins before they embarked on a tour in 2005, just after the breakthrough success that came with Chutes Too Narrow and the exposure from Garden State.

James Mercer Interviews... James Mercer

An amusing mock interview in which James Mercer asks himself absurd questions that require him, for example, to describe what architectural structure a Shins album most resembles.

Bluegrass Cover of "New Slang"

The band Iron Horse released a bluegrass tribute to The Shins and did a pretty nifty cover of "New Slang."

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