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Njord's Wall


Thanks for the check-in, Dad. Things have been pretty awful, actually. You know, girl troubles.

Gerd still refusing to give you the time of day? Try sending her flowers! Or a bushel of fish. Worked like a charm

You're giving your son advice on his love life? After your stubbornness basically destroyed our marriage? That's rich.

I believe there were two people in that relationship. And you weren't the one who was forced into it against your will.

Parents! Not on the wall! You're embarrassing us.

Middle-Earthling Fisherman

Just wanted to say thanks for a good haul of cod this season. Can we ask one more little favor? How about a mild winter and calm waters?

Well a winter's not winter without a few good storms! But I'll try to be moderate with the winds.

Middle-Earthling Fisherman

Awesome, thanks! My village will continue to honor your name (nothing new, I know).

Taking a walk by the ocean. Is there any sound more beautiful than the roar of the waves and the songs of sea birds? I love my job.

Yes: the howling of the wolves in a mountain pass. I couldn't even sleep in your precious Nóatún thanks to the screeching of those horrible birds.

Do we really have to do this again? I get it: you were unhappy here. Now you're back home in the mountains, so let's just agree to disagree, OK?


I visited Frey, just like you asked me to. Turns out his bad mood is just lovesickness for the giantess Gerd—she refuses to marry him. He's really got it bad.

Hmmm. A slick-tongued go-between could work wonders. And nobody's smoother than you, Skirnir. What do you say?



Plan it all out with Frey. That's an order.


Yes, my lord.

Hi Njord! I'm planning a little dinner for some visiting dignitaries from Olympus, and I'd love for you to come. One of them—Poseidon—is dying to compare notes with you about, um, fish and things.

Cool, I'd be happy to. I love me some sea-talk.

Hey Njordster, what's up? Your darling daughter still getting friendly with the dwarves?

So what if she is? Honestly, you Asgardians are so closed-minded sometimes.

likes this.

like this.

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