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No Exit

No Exit


by Jean-Paul Sartre

No Exit Courage Quotes

How we cite our quotes: Citations follow this format: (Line). Every time a character talks counts as one line, even if what they say turns into a long monologue. We used the translation by S. Gilbert found in No Exit and Three Other Plays, published by Vintage International in 1989.

Quote #4

ESTELLE: I'm a coward. A coward! [pause] If you knew how I hate you! (340)

Estelle has just confessed her crimes. Which of her actions makes her feel like a coward now?

Quote #5

INEZ: I know. And you're another trap. Do you think they haven't foreknown every word you say? And of course there's a whole nest of pitfalls that we can't see. Everything here's a booby-trap. But what do I care? I'm a pitfall, too. For her, obviously. And perhaps I'll catch her.
GARCIN: You won't catch anything. We're chasing after each other, round and round in a vicious circle, like the horses on a roundabout. That's part of their plan, of course... Drop it, Inez. Open your hands and let go of everything. Or else you'll bring disaster on all three of us.
INEZ: Do I look the sort of person who lets go? (366-8)

Exactly what sort of advice is Garcin giving here? What is Inez supposed to "let go of", and how does he expect that will save them?

Quote #6

ESTELLE: I tell you he was mine. All mine.
INEZ: Yes, he was yours – once. But now – try to make him hear, try to touch him. Olga can touch him, talk to him as much as she likes. That's so, isn't it? She can squeeze his hands, rub herself against him – (386-7)

In Inez’s "Character Analysis," we talk about two different interpretations of her role in No Exit – either as a teacher or as a self-centered sadist. Which is prevalent in this passage here?

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