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No Exit

No Exit

by Jean-Paul Sartre
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No Exit Lies and Deceit Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #1

ESTELLE: Oh, leave me in peace. You haven't any eyes. Oh, damn it, isn't there anything I can do to get rid of you? I've an idea. [Spits in Garcin's face.] There! INEZ: Garcin, you shall pay for this.

Inez isn’t above self-deception either. Inez blames Garcin for Estelle’s actions because she would rather it be his fault than the fault of the woman she finds attractive.

Quote #2

INEZ: Exactly. That's the question. Was that your real motive? No doubt you argued it out with yourself, you weighed the pros and cons, you found good reasons for what you did. But fear and hatred and all the dirty little instincts one keeps dark – they're motives too. So carry on, Mr. Garcin, and try to be honest with yourself – for once. (455)

Does Garcin end up leveling with himself? When is he honest, if ever?

Quote #3

GARCIN: So, Inez, we're alone. Only you two remain to give a thought to me. She- she doesn't count. It's you who matter; you who hate me. If you'll have faith in me I'm saved. (518)

Garcin goes from using Estelle to using Inez; he doesn’t learn anything, and his decision to remain in hell is made in bad faith.

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