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No Exit

No Exit

by Jean-Paul Sartre
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No Exit Life, Consciousness, Existence Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #1

So I'm done with the earth, it seems. No more alibis for me! I feel so empty, desiccated – really dead at last. All of me's here, in this room. (352)

What does Inez possibly mean by alibis here? If none of her is left on the earth, then she is entirely present in hell. Could this mean that she is entirely responsible for all the actions and choices she makes?

Quote #2

GARCIN: I'll give you what I can. It doesn't amount to much. I shan't love you; I know you too well. ESTELLE: Do you want me, anyhow? GARCIN: Yes. ESTELLE: I ask no more. (412-16)

Notice the distinction between desire and love here. Estelle’s desire to be objectified doesn’t require love.

Quote #3

ESTELLE: Oh, what a nuisance you are! I'm giving you my mouth, my arms, my whole body – and everything could be so simple...My trust! I haven't any to give, I'm afraid, and you're making me terribly embarrassed. You must have something pretty ghastly on your conscience to make such a fuss about my trusting you. (436)

This is one of the most insightful thing Estelle says in all of No Exit. Maybe she’s learning from Inez.

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