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No Longer At Ease

No Longer At Ease


by Chinua Achebe

Christopher Timeline and Summary

  • Obi and Christopher discuss corruption and Christopher argues that just because a person is educated doesn't make them more qualified for a job. Experience is important too.
  • Christopher takes one of his girlfriends, Bisi, dancing with Obi and Clara on the night the money is stolen from Obi's car.
  • Obi and Christopher go to visit two Irish girls that they had met and sometimes played tennis with. But the girls have discovered that it's not OK for them to go around with African men so they leave quickly.
  • Christopher tells Obi that there was no reason why he shouldn't have slept with Elsie Mark. If Elsie was going to appear before the Scholarship Board anyway, then it was not a conflict of interest for Obi to sleep with her if she offered.
  • Christopher argues that it's worse to take money from somebody, because they'll actually miss that.
  • Christopher tells Obi he always thought his relationship with Clara was a bad thing, but he knew better than to interfere with a man when he is in love.
  • Christopher agrees to find an abortion doctor for Obi, so he can take care of Clara's pregnancy.