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Quote #10

Obi had exactly thirty-four pounds, nine and three-pence when he set out. Twenty-five pounds was his local leave allowance, which was paid to all senior civil servants for no other reason than that they went on local leave. The rest was the remains of his January salary. With thirty-four pounds one might possibly last two weeks at home, although a man like Obi, with a car and a "European post," would normally be expected to do better. But sixteen pounds ten shillings was to go into brother John's school fees for the second term, which began in April. Obi knew that unless he paid the fees now that he had a lump sum in his pocket, he might not be able to do so when the time came. (13. 19)

Obi's position in society means he should be more generous with his kinsmen when he goes home to visit. His familial obligations and personal circumstances mean he's ultimately stingy and doesn't fully live up to expectations.

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