No Longer At Ease
No Longer At Ease
by Chinua Achebe
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No Longer At Ease Identity Quotes Page 4

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Everybody wondered why. The learned judge, as we have seen, could not comprehend how an educated young man and so on and so forth. The British Council man, even the men of Umuofia, did not know. And we must presume that, in spite of his certitude, Mr. Green did not know either. (19.29)

In the end, Obi's reputation is forever tarnished. His identity as an educated young man who didn't need to take bribes has been taken away from him. The part of his identity that he didn't take seriously was his ego. Obi had the classic tragic flaw, hubris (excessive pride). His pride made him blind to all the other flaws in his character that made him vulnerable to accepting bribes in the end. Be sure to read up on "Genre" and "Character Clues" to get a more complete sense of how Obi fell to such depths.

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