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No Longer At Ease

No Longer At Ease


by Chinua Achebe

No Longer At Ease Love Quotes

How we cite our quotes: Citations follow this format: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #4

For some reason he knew, despite the size of the parcel, that it contained his ring. And some money too! Yes, five-pound notes. But he didn't see any ring. He signed with relief and then read the little note enclosed.

Darling, I'm sorry about yesterday. Go to the bank straight away and cancel that overdraft. See you in the evening. Love, Clara.

His eyes misted. (11.14-16)

Obi thought he was alone in solving his bad financial situation. He thought Clara would break up with him over his irresponsible financial planning. But it turns out Clara wants to be his partner in financial matters as well. This situation also reveals how little Obi knows about love and partnership.

Quote #5

That evening they called on Christopher, Obi's economist friend. Clara had gradually come round to liking him. Perhaps he was a little too lively, which was not a serious fault. But she feared he might influence Obi for the worse in the matter of women. He seemed to enjoy going around with four or five at once. He even said there was nothing like love, at any rate in Nigeria. (11.34)

Christopher's willingness to go around with more than one woman might reflect the way the traditional culture of polygamy meets the modern European custom of dating.

Quote #6

Nylon dress is a lovely dress,
nylon dress is a country dress.
If you want to make your baby happy
Nylon is good for her.

If you want to make your baby happy
Go to the shop and get a doz'n of nylon.
She will know nobody but you alone
Nylon is good for you.

The theme of this song suggests that love is shown through material items. In Western ideology, love is idealized in such a way that material concerns are rarely considered a part of it. But traditionally, in western Africa, love is shown through giving gifts that enable a woman to live. Since women are the ones primarily responsible for feeding their families through subsistence farming, a husband in this culture doesn't have the same responsibilities that a husband in Europe or the United States has. Instead, men here give women aesthetically pleasing gifts that they couldn't get through their own farming and trading efforts.

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