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No Longer At Ease

No Longer At Ease


by Chinua Achebe

Mr. William Green Timeline and Summary

  • Taking a break from Obi Okonkwo's trial, Mr. Green explains to his tennis partner that all Africans are corrupt and this is why African countries should never achieve self-rule.
  • The novel flashes back in time so we next see Mr. Green on Obi's first day on the job.
  • Mr. Green tells Obi that if he's not lazy and if he's prepared to use his brain, he'll do fine.
  • Then Mr. Green tells Mr. Omo, the Administrative Assistant, that he is paid to be obedient, not to use his brain.
  • Later, when Mr. Green calls Obi to ask him a question, he rebukes Obi for failing to call him "sir."
  • Mr. Green had told Obi when he first started working that he would have to pay car insurance once a year, but Obi forgets.
  • Mr. Green tells Obi that it's outrageous how educated Nigerians expect so many privileges from their jobs, such as this one young man who wants not only his own expenses paid but his girlfriend's as well.
  • Mr. Green criticizes Obi's decision to go on local leave. He claims that this is a perk that was intended for Europeans to leave hot, humid, muggy Lagos to get to a cooler climate. He believes that Nigerians, who go on leave, are abusing their privileges.