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Quote #10

"Did you have a good leave?" Mr. Green asked when he saw Obi….

"It often amazes me how you people can have the effrontery to ask for local leave. The idea of local leave was to give Europeans a break to go to a cool place like Jos or Buea. But today it is completely obsolete. But for an African like you, who has too many privileges as it is, to ask for two weeks to go on a swan, it makes me want to cry."

"It is not the fault of Nigerians," said Obi. "You devised these soft conditions for yourselves when every European was automatically in the senior service and every African automatically in the junior service. Now that a few of us have been admitted into the senior service, you turn round and blame us." (17.1-2; 9)

Obi states that it is hypocritical for a European to criticize Africans for taking advantage of the special privileges; Europeans created those same privileges for their own enjoyment when they were in power.

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