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A Noiseless Patient Spider

A Noiseless Patient Spider


by Walt Whitman

A Noiseless Patient Spider Isolation Quotes

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Quote #4

"seeking the spheres to connect them" (line 8)

Here’s the good part. We’ve said a lot about how the spider and the soul are alone, but we haven’t said much about what that means. Will they always be isolated in this way? At the end, the poem suggests that, perhaps, they won’t. The whole idea of this web spinning is that it’s hopeful. The spider tries to grab something, but blows it again and again. It remains patient, though, and the soul does too. Because they keep trying, it’s still possible for them to connect. Does this start to sound like an inspirational poster? Is this really just about not giving up on your dreams? Maybe, but keep in mind that neither the spider nor the soul gets what it wants – at least, not in this poem. He leaves us in suspense, and the feeling of spooky isolation lingers at the end.

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