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Norse Creation Myth
Norse Creation Myth
  • True/False
  • Gross and Gory

Norse Creation Myth: Gross and Gory True or False

1. 1. What is Middle-Earth? -> d. The land of humans
2. 2. Who creates Middle-Earth? -> d. Odin and his brothers
3. 3. What is Middle-Earth made from? -> a. The body of a giant named Ymir
4. 4. What was used to create the sea and other bodies of water? -> c. Blood
5. 5. What are mountains made out of? -> b. A giant’s flesh and some of his bones
6. 6. What is used to build a protective fortress around Middle-Earth? -> c. A giant's eyebrows
7. 7. What do they use to make clouds? -> a. Brains
8. 8. Who or what is Muspelheim? -> b. The underworld
9. 9. How do they create stars, sun, and moon? -> d. They prick holes in the sky with arrows.
10. 10. Who is Night? -> c. The daughter of a giant who marries Day
11. 11. What are Night and Day asked to do? -> c. To ride chariots across the sky
12. 12. Why does the sun move from east to west? -> a. Because a giant wolf named Skoll is chasing it
13. 13. How do Odin and his brother create dwarves? -> a. They create dwarves from nuggets of gold.
14. 14. Where do dwarves live? -> b. In Middle-Earth (Midgard)
15. 15. What do dwarves provide for the Norse gods? -> c. Buildings
16. 16. What is the name of the sprites and spirits who populate the forest groves and streams? -> d. The Legoli