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Norse Creation Myth
Norse Creation Myth
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Norse Creation Myth: Gross and Gory Quiz

Think you’ve got your head wrapped around Norse Creation Myth? Put your knowledge to the test. Good luck — the Stickman is counting on you!




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Q. 1. What is Middle-Earth?

a. The land of elves
b. The Norse heavens
c. The land of giants
d. The land of humans
Q. 2. Who creates Middle-Earth?

a. Thor
b. Loki
c. All of the gods of Asgard
d. Odin and his brothers
Q. 3. What is Middle-Earth made from?

a. The body of a giant named Ymir
b. The body of a giant named Thrym
c. Cloth weaved by giants
d. Salmon eyeballs
Q. 4. What was used to create the sea and other bodies of water?

a. Tears
b. Clouds
c. Blood
d. Barrels of mead
Q. 5. What are mountains made out of?

a. The body of the wolf Fenrir
b. A giant’s flesh and some of his bones
c. Thunderbolts
d. Jewels
Q. 6. What is used to build a protective fortress around Middle-Earth?

a. Horse bones
b. Ice
c. A giant's eyebrows
d. An ox's tail
Q. 7. What do they use to make clouds?

a. Brains
b. Eyebrows
c. Sheep's wool
d. Horse's breath
Q. 8. Who or what is Muspelheim?

a. The land of the giants
b. The underworld
c. The land of ice
d. The primordial fire-world
Q. 9. How do they create stars, sun, and moon?

a. They use sparks from Muspelheim.
b. They use the eyeballs of horses.
c. They throw chips of ice into the sky.
d. They prick holes in the sky with arrows.
Q. 10. Who is Night?

a. The goddess Artemis
b. Odin's younger sister
c. The daughter of a giant who marries Day
d. Hel, the goddess of the underworld
Q. 11. What are Night and Day asked to do?

a. To feast in Valhalla
b. To dance a hoedown
c. To ride chariots across the sky
d. To carry water back and forth from the gods to the humans
Q. 12. Why does the sun move from east to west?

a. Because a giant wolf named Skoll is chasing it
b. Because Odin orders it to
c. Because Odin is spinning it like a basketball
d. Because it is attached to a horse
Q. 13. How do Odin and his brother create dwarves?

a. They create dwarves from nuggets of gold.
b. They create dwarves from fallen stars.
c. They create dwarves from rain.
d. They create dwarves from the maggots in giant's rotting corpse.
Q. 14. Where do dwarves live?

a. In the sky, on clouds
b. In Middle-Earth (Midgard)
c. Below the earth
d. In Asgard
Q. 15. What do dwarves provide for the Norse gods?

a. Horses
b. Protective walls
c. Buildings
d. Iron, silver, and gold
Q. 16. What is the name of the sprites and spirits who populate the forest groves and streams?

a. The Hati
b. The Alfheim
c. The Jotun
d. The Legoli