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Northanger Abbey

Northanger Abbey


by Jane Austen

Northanger Abbey Chapter 27 Summary

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  • Finally, a letter arrives from Isabella.
  • Isabella writes in circles and hints that James has made a huge mistake, that the whole Captain Tilney thing is a big misunderstanding, that the Captain is a jerk, and that people are spreading rumors.
  • She asks Catherine to speak to James on her behalf.
  • Catherine is appalled by what a shallow and artificial person Isabella is and realizes that she's a big liar.
  • Catherine fills the Tilneys in on the latest developments and they are relieved that Frederick won't be stuck marrying Isabella, though Henry hints that Isabella's reputation is likely destroyed now.
  • Catherine still can't figure out Frederick's motives and asks Henry if he was just behaving badly and likes getting into trouble. Henry concedes this point.
  • Henry notes that Catherine is warped by a principle of general integrity and Catherine is flattered and forgets about being mad at Isabella and Frederick.
  • She decides not to answer Isabella's letter.

READ THE BOOK: Chapter 27

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