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Northanger Abbey

Northanger Abbey


by Jane Austen

Northanger Abbey Resources


Masterpiece Theatre on Northanger Abbey

Provides information on the book, Jane Austen, adapting the book to film, and an extensive list of web resources and reading material.

Republic of Pemberley

Has a message board, information on Austen's novels, and general information on Jane Austen and the Regency era.

Jane Austen Blog

A blog that is all about Austen in current pop culture. It has news items, info on all of Austen's novels, and suggested readings about Austen.

The Jane Austen Center in Bath

This site has information about the Jane Austen center, including images, info on the center's exhibition holdings, and info on Bath.

Regency England

Webpage with historical facts and images about the Regency era.


Webpage with extensive information about Austen, all her novels, the Regency era, movie adaptations, etc. It also has an image archive.

Introduction to the Gothic Novel

Introductory information on the Gothic novel out of UC Davis.

Movie or TV Productions

Northanger Abbey, 2007

Recent film adaptation of Northanger Abbey that aired as part of PBS's Complete Jane Austen series in 2007.

Northanger Abbey, 1986

A BBC production of Northanger Abbey.

Historical Documents

Jane Austen's History of England
An interactive copy of Austen's satirical "History of England" hosted by the British Library.


Isabella Dances with Captain Tilney

This is a clip from the 1986 BBC production where Isabella dances with Captain Tilney. You can see how people danced at all those Bath parties here.

Discussion of Gothic Novels

This is a clip from the 2007 production of Northanger Abbey, where the Tilneys and Catherine discuss Gothic novels on their nature walk.


Bath: The Royal Crescent

This is a present-day image of the Royal Crescent in Bath, which is where lots of wealthy families lived in Austen's era.

Pulteney Bridge in Bath

Catherine would have walked over this bridge a lot during her stay in Bath.

Bath Abbey

This is an Abbey in Bath and is a good example of Gothic architecture.

Northanger Abbey (2007 BBC Production)

This is a screencapture of Northanger Abbey as it appeared in the 2007 movie.

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